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Praise for IVORIES from New Play Exchange:

Kane Normandy:

22 Apr. 2022

Quite honestly this is one of my favorite plays I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I am simply obsessed with the bisexual representation in this play and the dynamic between these three bisexual friends who may all be a little more into each other than they let on. I don't think any other horror play quite achieves how emotionally damaging and terrifying this story is; but without any spoilers, the ending is really what makes this play work. Adding Gwyn to my dream roles slash future Tony winning role?

Mark-Eugene Garcia:

12 Sep. 2021

Horror is difficult in theatre because it can easily become camp. The nuances of film don't always lend themself to dialogue driven stories of the stage. Luckily that isn't the case with this incredibly well crafted play. We are given three flawed characters in Sloan, Gwyn,and Beckham. Each is so driven in their personal goals- be it grief, worry, or longing that the rising- possibly supernatural- events go unnoticed. The horror is real, but so is the emotion. As I reached the end, I felt strong sadness for those who didnt survive, and for those who did.

Nick Malakhow:

7 Sep. 2021

Wonderful theatrical horror! Like all good horror, this is a compelling story in and of itself while also serving as a metaphor for important and intriguing issues like family trauma and what we do with it, dissatisfaction and specious "rot" within dysfunctional relationships, and more. I loved how the dread built throughout--starting with a general sense of unease and escalating throughout until some awesomely terrifying and theatrical grand gestures in the end. This play would work high or low tech--with an out of this world budget/production "value" or creative/more modest direction and design. Also appreciated the bi-visibility!

Shaun Leisher:

24 May. 2021

Such a bold play. Genuinely terrifying and a bit sexy. Endless possibilities for designers. PRODUCE THIS PLAY!!!

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