• Megan McCarthy


Kane Normandy:

22 Apr. 2022

Oh how I cannot wait to see this production at The Tank. Riley's play about queer legacy, friendship, and the AIDS epidemic is absolutely gorgeously written, with beautiful flowing monologues and fast-paced, sharp-tongued dialogue, it truly never slows in pace and tackles "fictionalized" versions of our favorite glam rock stars as they contemplate the legacies they leave behind for our queer generations now and yet to come. Elton John's journey particularly across the play of survivor's guilt is heavy but necessary.

Shaun Leisher:

29 May. 2021

A magnificent work of art that deserves to be considered, alongside Angels in America and The Normal Heart, as one of the great works of theatre about the AIDS crisis. This play is filled with magical moments and heart-wrenching conversations about art, legacy and the deep love of friends and colleagues. Please produce this.

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