• Megan McCarthy


Kane Normandy:

22 Apr. 2022

I have so many questions starting with why the hell haven't we seen this play on some kind of off-broadway stage? Why don't we actually produce more trans writers? Between the two trans characters growing up in the south, we are painted visceral and stunning stage pictures that I am dying to see illustrated by two talented actors who are given the world to play with in Riley Elton McCarthy's text. I love the visual motifs in this play as well as what lurks underneath in the subtext.

Mackenzie Raine Kirkman:

29 Dec. 2021

Though McCarthy bops us around Jo and Haywood's ages the narrative is so well crafted it feels linier in the most exquisitely theatrical way. There's lots of room here for two strong actors to play to beautiful subtext McCarthy leaves in the pauses and from the paint to dress the visual impact of this play is really something I'd be eager to see. It's truly a fantastic but painful piece and one that I think really represents to be "nonconforming" in the South and, more importantly, the impact that has on the spirit.

Nick Malakhow:

29 May. 2021

A powerful, theatrical piece that takes full advantage of the magic of live theater. Jo and Haywood's parallel journeys are simultaneously wrenching, heartbreaking, frustrating, and poignant. They are such fully-rendered and specific characters, painted with care and sensitivity. McCarthy's use of malleable chronology and playing with time/space illuminates and reveals character details at interesting intervals. I also loved how they rendered the surrounding environment and cultural context brilliantly with only two characters onstage. The ending scene and movement sequence was satisfying and something I'd so love to see staged!

Shaun Leisher:

23 May. 2021

A gorgeous two hander that charts two childhood friends living in the South struggles with their identities. Like all great theatre, you're belief in who is write and wrong shifts every moment as each character makes a choice that deeply impacts (and often hurts) the other. Your hear goes out to both of these kids and you want them to find peace. Maybe they do. I hope they do.

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