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120 minutes, no intermission. 

6 women, 1 nonbinary, 1 trans man. 

political thriller, dark comedy

On the night of the 2016 presidential election, Boston University's Women Loving Women Club gathers at their president's Back Bay apartment to celebrate the birthday of one of their own. With tensions already bubbling and cracking under the surface and their inner relationships with one another on the brink of extinction, the Women Loving Women Club is thrust into political turmoil as they wage war on each other over their political identities, the definition of lesbianism, and who can even consider themselves "LGBTQ".


120 minutes, 1 intermission. 

2 men, 1 women

horror, tragicomedy

Brought back to her childhood home to care for her grandmother who is riddled with severe dementia, Sloane and her husband, Gwyn, are struggling to settle in to a new routine after having their lives uprooted by tragedy. The longer Sloane stays in her grandmother's home, the more secrets and childhood trauma begins to resurface, and the couple soon suspects something deeply sinister is afoot in this small, rural New England town. Good thing their best friend Beckham's there to help sort out the estate... right?


120 minutes, 1 intermission. 

3 nonbinary

satire, comedy, drama

The night after Live Aid, Freddie Mercury and Elton John ("Sharon and Melina"), meet for a coke fueled, raunchy game of bingo. Their night of epic debauchery and camaraderie is suddenly interrupted with the arrival of an equally coked out David Bowie, and tensions and conflicts in their relationships will put all of their friendships to the test. But first of all and hopefully last, "MARY, THE HUMAN CONDITION IS ONE THAT REQUIRES A LITTLE ANESTHESIA!"

A farce, somewhat based on truth, but mostly fictionalized.

Daxton on the Night Shift at 7/11

90 minutes, no intermission

2 men, 1 women


It's midnight at the last 7/11 open 24 hours in The United States of America. The world has descended into chaos due to the impending doom of the discontinuation of the much-cherished red slurpee. 7/11 has put all of its slurpee machines on lockdown, bracing itself as a new organization known as the RS Brigade threatens the corporation and possibly the entire world in the pursuit of their beloved red slurpee. As for the last 24 hour 7/11? Well... new hire and criminally inept cashier Daxton's on the night shift and retired Manic Pixie Dream Girl, now part-time Letterbox'd critic Baby in a Corner is looking for her slurpee fix.

Think Scott Pilgrim if it were a play but also deconstructing literally everything that film/franchise/book series stands for.


90 minutes, no intermission.

1 nonbinary, 1 man.


Crickets chirp in the sweltering evening heat of the deep American south. The soil is tilled, church is in session, and JoEllen and Haywood are a pair matched by God Himself. Or so Haywood thinks. In a blistering journey following the two from ages 5-21, their genders, sexuality, and the deconstruction of their marriage is out of the frying pan and into the flames under the boiling, unforgiving sun.

rabbit (1).png

90 minutes, no intermission.

8 actors.


henri is a runaway. but the rabbit pack collects runaways. not like the lost boys. everyone ends up in these woods eventually, and the wolves of the rabbit pack are hungry. what happens when a home is no longer a home, and the lion devours the lamb? 



Feature length film.


Bisexual, polyamorous free spirit Imogene Lively's life is upended when her long time girlfriend, Albany, proposes they go monogamous. Further throwing her life into chaos is her sexually aggressive boss Michael holding her career over her head, and her chaotically inept therapist who may hold the key to her salvation.

120 minutes. 

Glam Rock

Television pilot, WORK IN PROGRESS


The era of glam rock having never actually ended and with many of the gods of rock still living, young and scrappy artists across the globe now compete for the ultimate title of the next star of glam rock.

Television pilot, 60 minutes.


Video Games


Video game script


Newlywed Connie's life suddenly shifts when her bride, Jenny, goes missing on their honeymoon retreat to the Catskills. A multiple choice, butterfly effect branching narrative story weaves Connie along her quest with their college friend group to uncover the truth of what happened on the night that Jenny disappeared.

Chapter one, a fully programmed and interactive screenplay, is available to play, presented with the concept and pitch for a fully realized version of this story.